Champion 2022 Macau Auction Review

The Champion 2022 Macau Auction was held on November 27, 2022, on the sixth floor of the Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 Hotel. A total of 273 lots were auctioned, with many NGC-graded rare coins from the Nelson Chang Collection (NC Collection), the Bowker Collection, the Eduard Kann Collection, the Arthur Coole Collection, the Nicholas Rhodes Collection, and the Norman Jacobs Collection.

Donation Ceremony

As for the ASG -cer tified stamps, PMG -cer tified banknotes, and postal envelopes from the Bowker Collection, the proceeds of those sold in July and October WeChat auctions have been donated to Macau schools to promote the development of numismatic and philately culture in Macau. Champion is working with the Macau Numismatic Society and its president David Chio for the selection and support of a five-year plan in five different Macau schools


Champion 2022 Macau Auction

The NC Collection highlighted the auction again, arousing spirited bidding between a phone bidder and a local buyer. The top was lot 137 – 1898 Anhwei Silver Dollar with the short Chinese character "4" and large rosette (NC Collection, NGC MS65), realizing USD 246,000 (all figures include the 20% buyer's fee); lot 138 – 1898 Anhwei "A.S.T.C." Silver Dollar without "A.S.T.C." realized USD 144,000; lot 140 – 1902-1906 Anhwei Squared Hole Copper Pattern Coin (NGC MS63) realized at USD 67,200, a record price for NGC certified Anhwei Squared Hole Copper Coin; lot 139 – 1908 Kirin Silver Dollar with a small chopmark (NGC AU DETAILS) went to a Taiwan phone bidder at USD 60,000; another NC Collection coin, lot 141 – 1898 Kirin Half Dollar Silver (NGC MS64), brought active bidding among a Taiwan buyer, an American buyer and a Singapore buyer, and it went to the American buyer at USD 27,600; lot 146 - 1899 Fengtien 10 Cash Copper Coin (NGC VF30BN) from the NC Collection went to a floor bidder at USD 9,600.

LOT 137


LOT 138


LOT 139


LOT 140

LOT 141

The coins from other famous collections also had great results. Lot 134 – 1871 Qing Dynasty Tung Chih 5 Taels Gold (NGC MS63) from the Kann Collection realized at a record price of USD 126,000; lot 135 – 1863 Qing Dynasty Tung Chih 5 Tael Gold (NGC MS63), also from the Kann Collection, realized a record price of USD 97,200; the Arthur Coole Collection 1899 Hupeh One Dollar Note (lot 106, PMG Choice EF45) went to an online bidder at USD 67,200, breaking the auction record; lot 169 - 1936 Chiang Kai-shek Spade Half Dollar Lead-Tin Pattern from the J.C. Lee Collection realized USD 12,000.

LOT 134

LOT 135

LOT 146

LOT 169


LOT 106

The stamps from the Bowker Collection were also impressive. There was spirited bidding among a phone bidder, an overseas bidder, and bidders on, and most stamps were bought by the phone bidder. Lot 027 – CHINA Qing Dynasty 1915 1st Beijing Print Postage Due Specimen Stamp Set (8) (ASG VF80 Mint OP) realized USD 14,400; lot 030 - CHINA 1924 2nd Beijing Print Memorial Archway for use in Xinjiang Specimen Stamp Set(3) (5 Yuan, ASG VF/XF85 Mint POG; 10 Yuan, ASG VF80 Mint POG; 20 Yuan, ASG VF/XF85 Mint POG) realized USD 9,600; lot 019 – CHINA EMPIRE 1899 Weihai Port Courier Post Stamp 2 Cents Block of 25 (ASG F/VF75 Mint OG) realized USD 3,120. It is noteworthy that the phone bidder has been purchasing PMG-certified banknotes since 2009, and he has a very positive view of the future of ASG-certified stamps.

LOT 027

LOT 030

In terms of envelopes from the Bowker Collection, lot 041 – 1898 Postcard from Kwangchew to the US (Nov. 22) had many mail bids and phone bidders from Hong Kong and Taiwan, with the Hong Kong buyer winning at USD 10,200; lot 045 - 1950 Registered cover from Tientsin to the US had four different mail bidders and three phone bidders from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the mainland, as the most popular postal cover in this auction, and the Mainland Chinese buyer won at USD 7,200; lot 034 - 1893 Shanghai Local Post Postcard (Oct. 27) from Shanghai to Peking went to a Hong Kong buyer at USD 2,160; phone bidders from Taiwan, a phone bidder from Mainland China, and floor bidders competed for the rare cover lot 038 - 1902 Cover from Yixian to Qingdao, Shantung, with Taiwan phone bidder winning at USD 2,160; lot 040 – 1906 Red-band Cover from Kimhwa, Chekiang to Moganshan went to a Macau buyer for USD 2,160.


LOT 041
In addition, lot 158 – 1916 Yuan Shikai Hung Hsien Flying Dragon Silver Dollar (NGC MS63) brought active bidding between a Singapore phone bidder and an American bidder, and it went to the phone bidder for USD 43,200.

LOT 158
Since the proceeds from all the ASG-graded stamps and PMG-graded banknotes from the Bowker Collection will be donated to five primary schools in Macau, we held a donation ceremony on November 26, the day before the auction, and participated in the ASG/PMG reception luncheon. Michael Chou, President of the Champion Auction, Mateo Zhao, Vice President of CCG Asian Business Development, David Chio, President of the Macau Numismatic Society, Io Hong Kuong (姚鴻光), President of the Macau Philatelic Association, Ieong Chan Kei (楊燦基), Principal of Macau ESCOLA TONG NAN, and Chan Chon San (陳春新), Vice Principal attended the donation ceremony.

At the donation ceremony, Michael Chou presented Macau ESCOLA TONG NAN with a number of ancient coins, various fractional coins which circulated in Macau, 200 copies of the brochure Introduction to Ancient Chinese Coins, and 30,000 Hong Kong dollars as funds, to support the activity of the Chinese ancient coin interest group established by the school to carry out a research and study series. Principal Ieong Chan Kei said that the school would make good use of relevant materials to further promote the development of the interest group, enhance students' recognition of the culture of collecting, and comprehensively improve the level of cultural relics and appreciation ability of works of art.

From Left: David Chio, Ieong Chan Kei, Mateo Zhao, Michael Chou, Chan Chon San
In addition to the sponsorship for numismatic and stamp collecting activities, the auction proceeds of the Bowker Collection stamps, envelops and banknotes will also be used to set up a 5-year Bowker Culture Award program in Macau ESCOLA TONG NAN from this year to reward students who have excellent performance in Chinese and English, including outstanding performance in disciplines or related competitions and activities, so as to encourage primary and secondary students to develop their comprehensive abilities of Chinese and English.

At the ceremony, Michael Chou and Mateo Zhao also introduced the highlights of the Champion 2022 Macau Auction; David Chio delivered a welcome speech; Mateo Zhao introduced the story of ASG/PMG and the Bowker Collection; Michael Chou reviewed the activities of the Macau Numismatic Society over the years.


Mateo Zhao introduced the story of ASG/PMG and the Bowker Collection

Since the auction was held during the annual meeting of the Macau Numismatic Society, Michael Chou was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the annual meeting held on November 24 and cut the ribbon. At the opening ceremony, Michael Chou together with David Chio and Mateo Zhao unveiled the 2022 Macau Numismatic Society Panda Medal and the plaster. After the opening ceremony, Michael Chou also attended the reception dinner of the Macau Numismatic Society.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

2022 Macau Numismatic Society Annual Meeting Panda Medal Unveiled
From left: Mateo Zhao, Michael Chou, David Chio